Friday January 29th, 2021

After closing: we extend access to movies for 48 hours

Until this Sunday, for free and from anywhere in the world, you will be able to access the more than 50 indigenous cinema films that we have selected in our sixth version.

WALLMAPU.- If you have not seen the more than 50 films of 36 indigenous peoples available in our 6th version of the International Film and Arts Festival in Wallmapu, you still have time. Although the closure is set for 10 p.m. this Friday, January 29 via Live on our social networks and web, we have decided to extend access to all films until the night of this Sunday, January 31. “We know that time is scarce, between work outside and inside the house, as we also know that these stories have the urgency to be told and there are few exhibition spaces,” says Morin Ortiz, a member of the organizing team.

This good news, says Morin, was thanks to the generosity of the audiovisual producers. “The entire official selection will be accessible, including the Inuit film invited to close, Río Inquieto, until this Sunday at 00.00 at night (Chile Time),” he added.

What to see and how?
One of the strengths of this edition is that more than 80% of the 51 films can be viewed from all over the world, without border limits, at, with a free account on Next, the films according to their thematic block:

Territory Defense Block, has eighteen films: “Charlie by the Sea”, “Choyün, shoots of the earth”, “Mapuche blood runs”, “Echoes of the volcano”, “The second burial of Alexandrine”, “Frontera” “Kukama Maestro”, “Mapuche: The earth rises”, “Names for the snow”, “New York, just another city”, “Paf Kur Móllako”, “Panzós Memory for the Earth: Massacre of 1978”, “Stories against the light: Photography and memory, Cautín 1967 – 1973 “,” Sara Mama, Sacred Seed “,” Original seeds and indigenous knowledge “,” Sheripiari anpóñanake Shiripiaripaye / Tabaquero after the tobacco makers “,” Uma: the water crisis in Bolivia “,” Voices from the sacred mountains. ”

Indigenous women block, with nine productions: “Cholitas”, “Imapaqmi peliculata ruwasunman / Why make a movie?”, “Ixch’umil”, “Jaanpäätt / See you soon”, “The seller of lilies”, “Los icaros de Shetanbeka ”,“ The unborn ”,“ Lupita, let the earth tremble ”,“ Mamapara / Mother rain ”and“ Rain time ”.

Indigenous Arts Block, with the short films: “Acorde al Muro – Kalfukeo”, “Emergence”, “Katatjatuuk Kangirsumi”, “My Favorite Food is Indian Tacos, my Favorite Drink is Iced Tea and my Favorite Thing is Drumming”, “We are men cascabel ”and“ Where You Have Indians You Have Forest / Onde Tem Índio Tem Floresta ”.

Choyün block, outbreaks in Mapudungun, dedicated to childhood: “Alert at sea”, “Let’s take care of animals”, “The mystery of orito”, “Newen. The sprouting of a seed “,” Hapao Koe Ite Henua (Let’s protect the earth) “,” The jaguar of the jungle “and” The Potion / The potion “.

Autonomies and indigenous governments block, with the films “Time is water”, “Taiñ Rvpv / Our way”, “Uncle Yim”, “Meli” and “Ophir”.

And finally, the Ancestral Diversities Block, giving continuity to the central theme of the last edition: “Bartolina Xixa”, “Chigualo”, “Kapaemahu” and “Wüfko”.


This Friday, January 29 at 10 p.m. the Tripal / Closure of the 6th Ficwallmapu will be held and it will be broadcast to the entire connected world through Ficwallmapu / Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

To conclude a week of indigenous cinema, we will announce the deliberation of the International Jury and the recognition of the films. As guest artists is the Puelkona band, Mapuche rock from the other side of the mountain range, with the premiere of their latest video.

On the same Friday night, the guest film “Restless River” by directors Marie-Hélène Cousineau and Madeline Ivalu, from the Inuit people of Canada, will be released, which will be available for 48 hours on our website. To see it, remember that you must register at

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