Wednesday May 19th, 2021

Mütrüm 2022: The 7th edition of Ficwallmapu opens Call for entries.

Self-representation of indigenous peoples in cinema gets stronger and stronger each year. We see It from different parts of the world, in the stories that we exhibit as a Mapuche festival. In the 7th Ficwallmapu and until July 31, 2021, we will be receiving films that make visible our views as peoples with a focus on the elderly in our communities: taiñ folilkeche, our roots.

As every year since 2015, Ficwallmapu opens Mütrüm, a call for productions from around the world – long, medium-length and short films – to be part of the online and face-to-face exhibitions that will give life to a new edition of the International Film and Arts Festival Indigenous people carried out from Temuco, Mapuche territory, in January 2022.

The call is aimed at indigenous and non-indigenous audiovisual producers, of various nationalities and territories, to submit their works of indigenous and / or Afro-descendant themes, free style and extension, individually or collectively created, to the 7th edition of the Ficwallmapu Festival, which It will be held in January 2022, in the city of Temuko, Ngülumapu, Mapuche Territory, Chile.

The productions must respect the looks and voices of the different communities of Indigenous Peoples and / or Afro-descendants that participate in the processes behind and in front of the cameras. The festival will privilege the selection of films that contribute to decolonization processes and that are in tune with the values ​​and worldviews of native peoples, indigenous nationalities and first nations, moving away from those productions that promote cultural appropriation, stereotypes, discrimination, prejudices, machismo, direct propaganda from political parties, among other aspects that are damaging or detrimental to the Native peoples.

Every year as a festival we propose a theme that will be the focus of the central event and the subsequent roaming. In 2022, Ficwallmapu wants to have a dialogue with the elderly people of our communities, taiñ folilkeche / our roots. The native peoples have been characterized by a historical appreciation of the grandparents and grandmothers who carry the collective wisdom that is being passed on to the new generations. In these times, they are part of the voices of defense of the territory, the health of the peoples, the revitalization of the language and all the issues that involve each culture, however in times of colonialism and extractivism their lives in the territories are affected due to many complexities, for which it seems relevant, to establish an intergenerational dialogue.

The application has no cost and can be done through the platforms Festhome, Click for festivals or by filling out the registration form and sending it to [email protected]

Download the document:

Bases and registration form in English

Deadline: Friday, July 31, 2021.

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