Festivales Anteriores

We are committed to an indigenous communication process with a programme offer of permanent exhibitions of cinema and traveling arts that culminate each year with our central week-long event in Wallmapu, Mapuche Territory. This nutram/meeting named Ficwallmapu, International Festival of Cinema and Indigenous Arts in Wallmapu; it’s made up of the Official Selection Exhibition, Ficwallmapu under the blue (open air), the Mapulab workshops, the Koyantun Kimun Forum and Ficwallmapu Pichikeche, together with their respective inaugurations and closings.

With routing tours beginning in 2013, it is in 2015 that we carried out the first version of the festival under the motto “For the right to communication”, positioning the free exercise of communicating by indigenous peoples as a thematic focus of territorial and international relevance.

1º Ficwallmapu

In 2016 we developed a second edition of Ficwallmapu highlighting the importance of thinking about ourselves from the community, which is why “Spinning images from the ground” reflects the range of films that brought the cinematographic proposals of indigenous peoples to the screen. A visual framework that in its fabric accounted for territorial defense processes, linguistic revitalization, musical creation, own economies, among other creations.

2º Ficwallmapu

Sharing around the Choñoiwe (Fogón) looking at cinema as a meeting place,reflection, respectful listening, is the invitation made by the third festival (2017) creating a space to learn about the stories of our elders in accordance with communication technologies as tools for memory, dissemination and learning.

3º Ficwallmapu

In the fourth Ficwallmapu we located ourselves in the concept of diversity, appealing to the varied range of artistic and cultural expressions that the Mapuche People and other Indigenous Peoples develop and show to the world. In 2018 we celebrated this diversity through art, cinema, meeting, dance and music, also inviting Afro communities to join the call and program of that year highlighting the special participation of Ceferina Bánquez, Afro-Colombian singer-songwriter from Bullerengue who opened and closed the Festival with her traditional songs.

4º Ficwallmapu

Our fifth edition placed its central focus on sexual and affective diversities from the perspective of the Original Peoples, becoming a permanent axis to be addressed by Ficwallmapu when it comes to convening films, artistic proposals, debates and reflections. Relevant guests such as Claudia Ancapan (Mapuche People) and Lukas Avendaño ( Zapoteca People), joined the call of the festival in order to collectivize their knowledge on the subject in Wallmapu.

5º Ficwallmapu

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