After an entire year of travelling events with film shows, workshops, massive events, and activities in public spaces; we arrived at Lllitun / Opening, which is the beginning of the Ficwallmapu week. At this long-awaited moment, we seek to create a space that welcomes the performing arts, theater, dance and music, in a great and emotional meeting, in Temuco, the ancestral Mapuche historical territory.

Official Sample

The films that have been received during the world call and that a national and an international jury have considered that demonstrate the contributions they represent, in the different categories proposed by the festival, will be showcased during the week of the Festival. University halls, community places, squares and other public spaces give life to the official Ficwallmapu exhibition.


Every year we work on a topic that is of importance and value to the indigenous peoples and Afro-descendant/ black communities. The collective property rights of the peoples, the affective sex diversities from the indigenous peoples and others, are dialogues that we have proposed and that we held at the Koyangtun Kimün Forum, done during the week of the Festival. In this great meeting we invited all lamngen / brothers who initiate us to a conversation to reflect on tensions and historical and contemporary challenges to contribute to the küme mongen / good living.

Formation workshops

Since its inception, Ficwallmapu has had a special interest in the training processes of filmmakers, filmmakers and the people interested in cinema, the arts and communication. Aware of the centralism that we live in the nation states of the Abya yala, the Festival intends to create learning experiences in the south of the territory currently known as Chile, specifically in the city of Temuco, one of the political-administrative centers of Wallmapu.

Children’s sample


To conclude the festival week, we made an intense and joyful day program. We recognized the films that best contribute to the different categories that Ficwallmapu proposes. We enjoyed a film specially selected for the occasion and we celebrated with music and dance another version of the Festival of Cinema and Indigenous Arts in Wallmapu. Three great moments intertwine during Saturday afternoon to close the Festival and bid farewell to a new version that began months before, years before; five years ago in the heart of the Mapuche ancestral-historical territory, the Wallmapu.

Festivales Anteriores

We are committed to an indigenous communication process with a programme offer of permanent exhibitions of cinema and traveling arts that culminate each year with our central week-long event in Wallmapu, Mapuche Territory. This nutram/meeting named Ficwallmapu, International Festival of Cinema and Indigenous Arts in Wallmapu; it’s made up of the Official Selection Exhibition, Ficwallmapu under the blue (open air), the Mapulab workshops, the Koyantun Kimun Forum and Ficwallmapu Pichikeche, together with their respective inaugurations and closings.



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