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Somos Ficwallmapu

El Festival Internacional de Cine y las Artes Indígenas y Afrodescendientes en Wallmapu, se realiza en Temuco desde el 2015, con la colaboración de diferentes organizaciones sociales, colectivos, agrupaciones, académicos, estudiantes y profesionales de la comunicación, mapuche y no mapuche vinculado/as al mundo del cine, la fotografía y las comunicaciones.

El evento propone ser un espacio para fomentar el diálogo intercultural, que constituye un proceso social relevante para el territorio y también un aporte a las relaciones entre pueblos y naciones, convocando a realizadore/as de Chile, América y el mundo, en torno al desarrollo y producción del cine y las artes con temática de los pueblos ancestrales.


The CCFCW is positioned from the ancestral and historical Territory of Mapuche, Wallmapu. It is committed to developing permanent roaming processes that head to the central Ficwallmapu event, the International Film Festival and the Indigenous Arts in Wallmapu. Both instances aim to be a platform for mediation, dissemination, training and reflection around the various realities, worldviews and current proposals of the Native and Afro-descendant Peoples, as well as promoting the formation of indigenous publics from the Mapuche territory, to Chile and the world.

The CCFCW aims to promote networks, spaces of exchange, technical training and training for filmmakers, indigenous and Afro artists, in the emphasis of contributing to self-representation in a transversal way in the arts and especially in cinema, fostering spaces of dialogue together with local and international filmmakers, communicators and artists who, from a decolonizing gaze, produce works in tune with the worldviews of peoples.


CCFCW seeks to become a global intercultural benchmark, generating and promoting instances of collaboration and exchange of experiences between indigenous and non-indigenous communicators and artists, enhancing a network of work between public and private bodies around indigenous and Afro-descendant arts. Thus, the Cultural Center aims to be a mediating agent that generates bridge spaces from indigenous and Afro self-representation in art, culture, communication.

The CCFCW also aims to position the traveling process and central event of Ficwallmapu as one of the most important milestones in the artistic and cultural scene at the regional, national and international levels, developing training spaces, proposals and innovative communication methodologies; encouraging and supporting film projects; enhancing organizational and management skills. An annual program that promotes local realization and production, the formation of audiences and thus contributes to generate new looks towards indigenous and Afro-descendant cinema and arts.

Quiénes somos
Jeannette Paillan Fuentes

Filmmaker and cultural manager. In 2015 through Clacpi I directed and coordinated the XII International Festival of Cinema of Indigenous Peoples, from which Ficwallmapu was born as a space of cinema and art of the Native peoples and Afro-descendant in the heart of mapuche territory. As director I manage and represent Ficwallmapu in the different spaces in which she participates

Loreto Bustos Hernando
General producer

Audiovisual communicator specialized in cultural management. Since 2015 I have been working as a general producer of Ficwallmapu seeking to contribute to intercultural dialogue in our territory.

Patricio Pradines Antillanca
Grafic designer

I am Mapuche williche, five years ago I am part of the Ficwallmapu team contributing from graphic design and illustration, with the intention of communicating with identity.

Enoc Figueroa Neira

Journalist. I'm part of Ficwallmapu since 2015. I have worked as a communications manager, general producer and currently as a programmer participating in collective processes of our team such as: call, search, invitation, selection and programming of films for traveling tours and central event.

Morin Ortiz Herrera
Communication manager

Journalist. In 2016 he arrived from Santiago to Temuco and the following year he joined the Ficwallmapu team, in the area of communications, performing press management, content writing and social networks.

Lorena Aillapan Catril

Mapuche Zomo Ngen, Public Relations and Cultural Manager, RADA member. I am part of the team since 2018 and contributing from the Administrative Area and Local Production. Contributed to the artistic and cultural management and production of ficwallmapu to promote and promote intercultural dialogue of the inhabitants of this Wallmapu.

Ele Díaz Leiva

Volunteer in the first edition of the festival, when she was still studying. She was a commercial engineer in 2018 and became a volunteer again, then joined as part of the accounting administrative team, internal control of the financial area and order of accounts.

Ange Valderrama Cayuman

Journalist, wirintufe, ngérekafe. I carry out territorial management with communities, organizations and institutions around the film shows and workshops that the Festival develops during the year. I live in the Juan Tranaman community of Cancura, Traytrayko, Wallmapu.

Jorge Pacheco Pailahual
Technical producer and Audiovisual communicator

Audiovisual communicator graduated from the Mayor University of Temuco. I belong to Ficwallmapu since January 2019, where I perform in the generation of audiovisual material and technical production.


Since 2015, as part of the 12th INTERNATIONAL Film and Video Festival of CLACPI’s Indigenous Peoples, the first version of Ficwallmapu was held in Temuco. Instance of communication and encounter of various peoples of Abya Yala and the world, which resumed strongly in the Mapuche territory. So we decided to give it annual continuity, positioning ourselves as the most relevant film and indigenous arts festival in the region, which already adds five years of tours and dialogues through the  kume mogen / good living